We’re very happy with the quick response and turnaround, the high quality of the translation, and also the fair prices. We recommend you to anyone who asks!Cardiosonic Ltd.
I’m very happy and satisfied with the service and quality of your work. The translations are delivered on time, and Yael, the Project Manager, does an excellent job. I have no complaints, only compliments. Thank you for the good service.Hadas – InSightec
Great translation service: very gracious, responsive and provides good fast results. Our contacts abroad give us good feedback regarding the translated documents.Reuth Roisman, Vectorious Medical Technologies
I’m pleased to recommend high-quality translation services and good graphic work. Communication is direct, responsive, and courteous at every stage of the work process! And we’re still going strong!Rona Siton, Blanchard Israel, The Business Training Center
In the last two years, I have referred all of my clients who have needed translation services to your office and my customers and I are constantly impressed by the level of service, commitment, precision and efficiency that are an integral part of our connection with you. It is simply a pleasure to work with a decent service provider that works at international standards beyond those of the local market… Advocate Shai Porat
Thank you for the wonderful service. I have greatly enjoyed working with you as translation providers. Thank you very much! Inbal Tal | Or Movement
We are satisfied with your service and want to thank you for the hard work that you have invested and your commitment to us. Naomi Rosenblum, Via Media
Thank you for your timekeeping – this is the reason that we come back to you every time. Because money, everyone takes more or less the same, but customer service, particularly with customers like us, is not something that can be taken for granted. Thank you, Ifat, Kesem Hamidbar
The DG Global translation company translated the booklets for us into most of the languages and I must cite the professionalism, responsibility and punctuality that the company demonstrated in its work with us. From the very first time we worked with us, the company had no problem undertaking the translation of just two pages into 11 languages, which was a low scale, low cost work, but whose organization and execution involved great complexity. Out of the dozens of companies that we contacted, DG Global was one of just two that were up to the challenge.

The fee that the company demanded for executing the work was significantly lower than the competing offer. After we checked and found the translations into English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Thai, Amharic and Tigrinya to be to our satisfaction, we contacted the company when we wanted to have a more comprehensive booklet translated too. The quotation of DG Global was the best for most languages this time round too. Companies that offered their translation services into a number of languages at lower prices could not keep to the schedule that we needed despite it being very reasonable.

I must praise in particular Mrs. Veronica Ovadia of DG Global, with whom we worked. Mrs. Ovadia promptly helped out for every request, quickly sent price quotations, had the translated delivered on schedule and when updates were required, had them executed immediately. Mrs. Ovadia knew how to offer solutions to technical problems that arose, and did so pleasantly, professionally and while demonstrating great care and responsibility. In view of all this, it is my great pleasure to recommend the translation services of DG Global.

  Best regards,Sigal Rosen Public Activity Coordinator, Hotline for Migrant Workers