Translation Review

Translation Review

DG Global provides translation proofreading, review, and editing services for companies interested in having independent and objective professional reviewers perform the review work.

Many companies need to wait a long time for their extensions abroad to send feedback about the translation. These extensions do not usually have a designated staff or professional translators available to give immediate feedback about the translations. Even companies with close long-term relationships with their translation providers discover that it is worthwhile to send their translations to be proofread and reviewed by another professional company to improve the quality of the translation.

As a translation provider, we can review the translations and evaluate their quality from all aspects. We ensure that the translation is reviewed in an independent and objective manner, and the company that conducted the original translation bears no significance to reviewing or evaluating the translation.

All of our reviewers and proofreaders are linguistic experts with a plethora of relevant experience in both translation and editing translations. They have an in-depth understanding of the differences between cultures and languages. All of them review translations in their mother tongue. We carefully screen our reviewers and work with only the best in the field.

Our translation reviewers ensure that the translation is true to the source while ensuring that the translation is succinct, as if it was written in the target language. The reviewers correct grammar and spelling mistakes, rephrase where necessary and make amendments to the style, ensuring that the correct terminology is used.

We evaluate the translation for its technical accuracy and ensure that web content, marketing documentation and multimedia products transmit the right message. Furthermore, we maintain the style guide and are involved in decisions regarding the terminology and jargon. Our reviewers are available for questions and discussions about the translation that the client may bring up. The reviewers ensure that the translated material reflects the organizational culture, and the company’s message and/or products.