Software Translation

Software Translation

In today’s global world, it is vital to adapt products to local markets.

Through our wide range of localization services, DG Global helps its clients succeed in the global market. We will not just translate your software’s user interface, but also adapt all its content, design and technical aspects, for the specific audience, particular locale and target language. Since we work together with localization specialists and professional, experienced, local translators, you can be rest assured your website will “speak” the customer’s language. We will ensure, amongst other things:

  • The correct format for numbers, times, addresses and currencies, as used in various countries.
  • Allowance for text expansion and shrinkage, and adaptation of table, dialog box, and menu size.
  • Allowance for typing, presentation, and editing of bi-directional text and Far Eastern languages.
  • Translation uniformity for various terms and the text as a whole.

Wide experience in software translation and localization

We are extremely experienced in software translation and localization, including:


  • Computer applications
  • Websites
  • Documentation
  • User guides
  • Computer games
  • Video games
  • Video presentations