Medical Translation

Medical Translation

DG Global provides a diverse range of medical translations, for clients such as medical clinics, hospitals, universities, biotechnology firms, research institutes, medical device and medical software companies.

We have extensive experience in medical translation and provide such services to Dr. Fischer, InSightec, Magenta Medical, Pluristem, Endospan, CartiHeal, Cardiosonic, pi-cardia, OticPharma, Se-cure Pharmaceuticals, Medical Surgical Technologies, and Vascular Graft Solutions, among others.

We provide medical translations in all medical fields, including surgery, cardiology, endoscopy, radiology, pediatrics, gynecology, internal medicine, endocrinology, urology, psychiatry, dentistry, pharmacology, biology, veterinary sciences, biochemistry, and clinical trials.

All of our medical translators are physicians or professional translators, experienced in medical  translations, with backgrounds in Life Sciences and Medicine. They are fluent in medical jargon and the fields relevant to the translation, and they have an in-depth understanding of their area of expertise. Translators specializing in clinical trials are proficient in translating clinical protocols and ICFs.

We also translate websites, medical software, medical equipment catalogues, medical presentations, medical referrals and test results, medical expert opinions, laboratory reports, and documentation for medical devices and aids.

For medical devices, we translate for clients all the devices’ documentation – labels, user manuals, and operating instructions – to localize all the materials for the countries in which the products will be used.

An Overview

DG Global has extensive experience in medical translation services

Our team of translators is highly experienced in translating diverse medical documents:


  • Pharmacology and drug package inserts
  • User manuals
  • Medical articles
  • Training manuals
  • Patient medical charts
  • Software for medical equipment (user interface)
  • Medical leaflets
  • Medical reports
  • Regulatory documents
  • Medical files
  • Clinical trials
  • Physician expert opinions