Why Choose
DG Global?

Why choose DG Global as your translation and localization provider?

If you need translation and localization services, you have come to the right place. We can help by providing you with the requisite service.

First class customer service

Our customer service is top quality. Our project managers and marketing professionals provide our customers with timely solutions. There is always someone to supervise your project and an open line of communication with our staff, whether by email or phone. Our hand-picked team consists of linguists from around the world who share a passion for language, translation, localization, and a high standard of customer service. The successful provision of translation services is made possible in part by the most advanced technology available, but mostly as a result of the steadfast supervision of our project managers.

Professional, experienced translators

All of our translators are skilled professionals with extensive experience in their fields that have undergone a rigorous selection process. Each project is individually evaluated and assigned to the most suitable team of professional and specialized translators, proofreaders and editors in the relevant field. Our translators are familiar with the nuances of the different languages and cultures; all of them translate into their mother tongue and adapt the translated texts to their target audiences. Each translation is edited and proofread by a professional editor, ensuring an impeccable finished product.

More than 10 years of international experience

We have over 10 years of experience in providing translation and localization services to hundreds of customers in Israel and worldwide, resulting in extensive cumulative experience in project management, linguistic expertise, efficient and high-quality customer service, and employing top translators. We work with an established and proven pool of translators from around the world, specializing in different language combinations and specific translation fields.

Uncompromising quality

DG Global is proud of the superior quality of our translations, which are completed by top translators in Israel and worldwide that were meticulously selected following a careful vetting process.

Timely, prompt delivery

We believe that one of the most important values is adhering to deadlines. We know how important it is for our clients to receive their translations on time, which is why we commit to timely or even early delivery. We also make every effort to deliver urgent translations as soon as possible.

Beyond translation

DG Global goes beyond translating texts into the required language, and also localizes the text, adapting the product or service to its local target audience to correspond with the linguistic, cultural and social characteristics of the local market.