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A Wide Variety of Translation and Localization Services

DG Global provides a wide variety of translation and localization services. We translate into several languages and specialize in dozens of professional fields, including corporate and marketing, technical, software and applications, websites, medical, legal, financial, and more. Another service we offer is editing and proofreading of translations. Depending on your request, the translation we do undergoes editing and proofreading by a professional reviewer to ensure that the finished product is flawless. If you already have a translation and want to improve its quality, send us the translations in your possession and we will edit the translations and assess their professional level.

If DTP (Desk Top Publishing) is required, we will make all the necessary graphical adjustments to the text in the target language and make changes required for the local market, for optimal display to the target audience. We will localize the source text according to your instructions. We adjust the text to the target audience so that it coincides with the linguistic, cultural, and sociological characteristics of the local market. During the localization process, the text is adapted to the various linguistic conventions of the target language and culture.

Choose Your Language Combinations

We offer our clients an immense selection of language combinations, making it easy for you to reach your specific target audience in each country, and sometimes even several target audiences in one country. Whether you require translation to Hebrew, Arabic, or Russian in order to reach a target audience in Israel, or whether you are taking your first steps in the global market and starting with translation to English, we are here to help you.

For companies that provide goods or services to the European market, we offer translation services to French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Turkish, Russian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, and more. We also provide translation services for Latin American languages – Spanish and Portuguese; and for Asia and the Far East – Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Hindi, Persian, Thai (Thailand), and others. If you are interested in a language not mentioned above, please contact us and we will certainly be able to assist you.  

Medical Translation

DG Global provides a diverse range of medical translations, for clients such as medical clinics, hospitals, universities, biotechnology firms, research institutes, medical instrumentation and medical software companies.

We have extensive experience in medical translation and provide such services to Dr. Fischer, InSightec, Magenta Medical, Pluristem, Endospan, CartiHeal, Cardiosonic, pi-cardia, OticPharma, Se-cure Pharmaceuticals, Medical Surgical Technologies, and Vascular Graft Solutions, among others.

We provide medical translations in all medical fields, including surgery, cardiology, endoscopy, radiology, pediatrics, gynecology, internal medicine, endocrinology, urology, psychiatry, dentistry, pharmacology, biology, veterinary sciences, biochemistry, and clinical trials.

All of our medical translators are physicians or professional translators, experienced in medical  translations, with backgrounds in Life Sciences and Medicine. They are fluent in medical jargon and the fields relevant to the translation, and they have an in-depth understanding of their area of expertise. Translators specializing in clinical trials are proficient in translating clinical protocols and ICFs.

We also translate websites, medical software, medical equipment catalogues, medical presentations, medical referrals and test results, medical expert opinions, laboratory reports, and documentation for medical instrumentation and aids. For medical instrumentation, we translate for clients all the instruments’ documentation – labels, user manuals, and operating instructions – to localize all the materials for the countries in which the products will be used.

An Overview

DG Global has extensive experience in medical translation services

Our team of translators is highly experienced in translating diverse medical documents:  
  • Pharmacology and drug package inserts
  • User manuals
  • Medical articles
  • Training manuals
  • Patient medical charts
  • Software for medical equipment (user interface)
  • Medical leaflets
  • Medical reports
  • Regulatory documents
  • Medical files
  • Clinical trials
  • Physician expert opinions

Business Translation

A one-stop solution providing an answer to all your business needs.

In today’s global business arena, it isn’t enough to speak one or two languages. To succeed in different markets, companies need to communicate in more languages than ever, and then to quickly translate business materials and adapt them for an audience that is becoming more and more varied. There is a vast variety and quantity of documents requiring translation. Now you can outsource all your translations to a single provider. Whether you need website translations, financial reports, legal documents, user guides, documentation, or other materials, we can help you. We will match suitable linguistic resources to the materials needed for each project and provide a team of language experts who will continue working with you long-term. In this way you will be able to benefit from top quality translations, tailored especially to your company and business.

Wide experience in business translation

We have translated a wide variety of business documents over the years, including:
  • Business communication

    • Websites
    • Press releases
    • Newsletters
    • Articles
  • Product documents

    • Operating manuals
    • Instructions for use
    • Labels
    • Marketing materials
    • Installation guides
    • Technical specifications
  • Legal translations

    • Contracts and agreements
    • Protocols
    • Legal opinions
    • Tender issues
    • Company profiles
  • Financial documents

    • Annual reports, financial statements
    • Bank statements, due diligence investigations, general overviews

Financial Translations

DG Global provides a diverse range of financial and accounting translations, for clients such as banks, accountants, financial institutions, corporations and businesses.

All of our financial translators specialize in finance and economics, with an academic and/or professional background and extensive experience in the field relevant to the financial translation. They are fluent in the financial terminology, the standard formats for writing financial reports and documents, and accounting and economic jargon in the source and target languages.

An Overview Extensive experience in financial translation

Throughout the years we have acquired a significant amount of experience with a wide variety of financial documentation, including:
  • Forex websites
  • Financial reports
  • Balance sheets
  • Bank statements
  • Market surveys
  • Income statements
  • Economic reviews
  • Due diligence
  • Business plans
  • Insurance documentation

Technical Translation

In today’s global world, it is vital to adapt products to local markets. DG Global provides professional, accurate and quality translations. We have vast experience in a great variety of technical documents, from the field of IT to production and engineering documents. Because of our experienced and professional translators, DG Global is your ideal partner for translating technical texts at any level of difficulty. Translators with industrial experience All our translators come with an abundance of experience in the relevant industry, such as IT or engineering, or have been trained in technical translation.

Wide experience in technical translation

We have accrued great experience in translating a wide variety of technical documents over the years, including:
  • Electronic equipment documentation
  • Operating manuals
  • User guides
  • Technical specifications
  • Blueprints
  • Engineering specifications
  • Labels
  • Regulatory documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Instruction materials

Website Translation

In a world where over 65% of internet surfers are not English speakers, it is important to translate every website into various languages, according to the location of target audiences. Through our wide range of localization services, DG Global will help you succeed in the global market. We will adapt all website content, design, and technical aspects to the specific audience, particular location, and target language. Since we work together with localization specialists and professional, experienced, local translators, you can be rest assured your website will “speak” the customer’s language. We will ensure, amongst other things:
  • The correct format for numbers, times, addresses and currencies, as used in various countries.
  • Allowance for text expansion and shrinkage, and adaptation of table, dialog box, and menu size.
  • Allowance for typing, presentation, and editing of bi-directional text and Far Eastern languages.
  • Translation uniformity for various terms and the text as a whole.
Wide experience in website translation and localization

We are extremely experienced in website localization, including:
  • Translation of HTML and XML files
  • Translation of existing databases
  • Localization of pictures, icons and diagrams
  • Translation of search words
  • Translation of complex forms
  • Translation of website presentations and clips

Software Translation

In today’s global world, it is vital to adapt products to local markets. Through our wide range of localization services, DG Global helps its clients succeed in the global market. We will not just translate your software’s user interface, but also adapt all its content, design and technical aspects, for the specific audience, particular locale and target language. Since we work together with localization specialists and professional, experienced, local translators, you can be rest assured your website will “speak” the customer’s language. We will ensure, amongst other things:
  • The correct format for numbers, times, addresses and currencies, as used in various countries.
  • Allowance for text expansion and shrinkage, and adaptation of table, dialog box, and menu size.
  • Allowance for typing, presentation, and editing of bi-directional text and Far Eastern languages.
  • Translation uniformity for various terms and the text as a whole.
Wide experience in software translation and localization

We are extremely experienced in software translation and localization, including:  
  • Computer applications
  • Websites
  • Documentation
  • User guides
  • Computer games
  • Video games
  • Video presentations

App Translation

We provide mobile phone application translation services for companies developing multilingual applications. Regardless of whether your application is designed for iOS, Android, or a tablet, we will help you make it accessible to multiple audiences worldwide by translating it into the languages you need. We will translate your application efficiently, quickly, and in a manner that will suit the local culture and market. Our localization process for cellular applications includes:
  • Localization of the user interface, the content, and the online help
  • Previewing the final product
  • Using CAT tools to ensure consistency and cut project costs
  • Corrections and updates per the client’s requests
  • Adapting number, time, currency, and address formats to suit what is customary in the local market
We can help you localize several different application domains, including:
  • Business
  • Education
  • Automotive
  • Medicine
  • Dating
  • Games
  • Books
  • Art
  • Health and Fitness
  • Maps and Navigation
  • Music
  • Family
  • Photography
  • Lifestyle

Translation Review

DG Global provides translation proofreading, review, and editing services for companies interested in having independent and objective professional reviewers perform the review work.

Many companies need to wait a long time for their extensions abroad to send feedback about the translation. These extensions do not usually have a designated staff or professional translators available to give immediate feedback about the translations. Even companies with close long-term relationships with their translation providers discover that it is worthwhile to send their translations to be proofread and reviewed by another professional company to improve the quality of the translation.

As a translation provider, we can review the translations and evaluate their quality from all aspects. We ensure that the translation is reviewed in an independent and objective manner, and the company that conducted the original translation bears no significance to reviewing or evaluating the translation.

All of our reviewers and proofreaders are linguistic experts with a plethora of relevant experience in both translation and editing translations. They have an in-depth understanding of the differences between cultures and languages. All of them review translations in their mother tongue. We carefully screen our reviewers and work with only the best in the field.

Our translation reviewers ensure that the translation is true to the source while ensuring that the translation is succinct, as if it was written in the target language. The reviewers correct grammar and spelling mistakes, rephrase where necessary and make amendments to the style, ensuring that the correct terminology is used.

We evaluate the translation for its technical accuracy and ensure that web content, marketing documentation and multimedia products transmit the right message. Furthermore, we maintain the style guide and are involved in decisions regarding the terminology and jargon. Our reviewers are available for questions and discussions about the translation that the client may bring up. The reviewers ensure that the translated material reflects the organizational culture, and the company’s message and/or products.

DTP Services

Prepress and DTP services

We provide DTP (Desktop Publishing) services in all languages, including Asian languages, Far Eastern languages (such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) and right to left languages (Hebrew, Arabic, and Persian).
Our DTP experts use the following software:
  • Acrobat
  • Flash
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • FrameMaker
  • Corel Draw
  • QuarkXPress
  • FreeHand
  • PageMaker
  • ColdFusion
  • DreamWeaver
  • Broadvision/Interleaf
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher
And other advanced tools.