DG Global Translation & Localization

DG Global is a translation and localization company, providing global communication solutions to companies all over the world. Through linguistic excellence, high-quality project management and the most advanced translation technology, we will help you deliver your international communications efficiently and rapidly.

We specialize in translating and localizing business communications such as Internet websites, advertizing campaigns, brochures, newsletters, presentations, user manuals, press releases, articles, financial documents, and correspondences.

DG Global provides technical translations such as engineering documents, electronic equipment documentation, user guides, technical specifications, and many more.

We also provide software localization services, translating: applications, computer programs, video games, help files, documentation and user guides into multiple languages.

All our translations are performed by our team of professional language experts, who are experienced in their field. Our translators have excellent understanding of the differences between languages and cultures, translate into their mother-tongue, and are careful to adapt the translated text to the target audience. All undergo a meticulous selection process so as to choose the very best translators. Each and every translation is edited by a professional proofreader, to ensure a perfect finished product.

DG Global offers translations in many areas of expertise and languages, such as English, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and many more.